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Multifunction Drinker for Cats

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We welcome drop ship orders,csv bulk orders,wholesale etc.

Power-off Design:Automatic power failure due to lack of water

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Product Name: Ceramic Water Dispenser
Product material: ceramic
Filtration: 360° filter cotton
Line length: 1.5M
Power: 1-3W
Voltage: DC 5V
Capacity: 1.2L

packing list
Ceramic body*1
Silent water pump*1
Filter cotton*1

We welcome drop ship orders,csv bulk orders,wholesale etc.

Ceramic product features:
1. High temperature 1300 ° firing, safe, non-toxic, lead-free and cadmium-free, keep pets healthy diet and drinking water.
2. Smooth glazed surface, glazed inside and outside, smooth and easy to clean.
3. Food-grade materials for human use, environmentally friendly and healthy.
4. It can be used in microwave ovens, dishwasher, sterilizer, refrigerator.
5. The stable ceramic body prevents overturning or overturning.
6. Exquisite appearance, multi-functional pet ceramic fountain, not only to meet the pet's healthy drinking water needs, but also to be used as a decoration to decorate rooms, living rooms, courtyards, or as a desktop landscape for running water, humidifying the air in hot summer, etc.
7. The fountain runs silently, and its thin running water can relieve fatigue and work pressure, help to relax the body and spirit, and contribute to physical and mental pleasure.
8. All handmade, sturdy and durable. Support long-term use, anti-oxidation, no discoloration and no fading.
9. It is made of two high-temperature firing,  Meet the health and hygiene standards of food containers.

Note: Because it is a ceramic product, it should be handled with care during handling or unpacking to avoid scratching the glaze or breaking the ceramic parts or body.

User Operation Instructions
Place the received product on a dry, firm and balanced surface and be careful when handling the ceramic parts so that the product does not shatter due to impact.
1. Insert hose into pump outlet and press down until fully engaged.
2. Place the pump and filter assembly in the cell. Note that the water outlet of the filter element corresponds to the middle position (corresponding to the water outlet of the ceramic top cover).
3. Add drinking water to the ceramic body and put the ceramic top cover.
4. Insert the USB port into the power port of the adapter, power on and run.
1. The minimum water level must submerge the pump.
2. Before running the water pump, be sure to unplug the power plug.
Pump use: It is recommended to clean the pump every 1-2 weeks to prevent the pump from being blocked by hair.
Filter element use: It is recommended to replace the filter element every 2-4 weeks to keep the water clean.

1. Automatic drinkers: Flow drinkers fascinate animals and encourage them to drink more water.
2. Simple and beautiful: the water dispenser designed by our unique process is not only a water dispenser, but also a crafts with great appreciation value.
3. Ultra-quiet design: No need to worry about disturbing you and your pets, the dispenser is easy to remove and clean.

New Upgrade, More Clean
The filter components are upgraded one by one to ensure the smoothness of the waterway, and the enhanced filter element blocks the harmful substances such as hair in the air, further softening the water quality

5V Silent Pump Design
Even the faint sound of water flow was redesigned

Power-off Design
The power storage emergency water storage layer and dust control are changed into an integrated design  , clean water source


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